Yes, I will admit there have been a few times where I considered just marrying for money so I could be certain I can keep riding for the rest of my life.

a few times? hahahaha talk about all the time.


"Oh yeah, horses are my favourite animal, I love them so much." -equestrians


"YOU LITTLE SHIT! Don’t you DARE knock the wheelbarrow over or I won’t feed you for a WEEK and I’m not even kidding right now!" -also equestrians…





This one time i was in church and my mom said she would give me 10$ if while the priest was flinging “holy water” at us i would run into the aisle once he passed and start hissing and screaming “IT BURNS” 

do u know how many angry Christians i got in my inbox because of this


Why isn’t anyone talking about what a great sense of humor your mom has?

I’m really good at keeping secrets because five minutes later I forget what you told me because I don’t care



i have all these feelings about stiles’ mother like i bet she was the kind of person who went I CAN’T COOK and then took like canned soup and dried pasta and a dash of oregano and turned it into the most amazing meal ever

and she probably had rules about everyone sitting down…


I’m a hard person to be with because I get paranoid over the littlest things and make a big deal out of stuff. I can’t help it. It’s how I am. I am constantly afraid of getting fucked over again.

Ignore everything about my riding, it’s been months since my horse and I have actually fully galloped. My horse is the sorrel paint. My friend and her thoroughbred would have left me in the dust had she not been holding him back. Yesterday was the best (: